Bad//Dreems release ‘Jack’, a song about truth telling & ‘HOO HA!’, a podcast about listening

Adelaide rock band Bad//Dreems have got an itch that they cannot scratch. It’s one that’s been festering for many years. It’s become the basis for a new song called ‘Jack’ and companion podcast titled ‘Hoo Ha!’.

Bad//Dreems guitarist Alex Cameron explains ‘Jack’:

“This is a song about truth telling.

 Like many others we were not taught the true history of Australia at school. We were not taught about the original custodians of this land and their civilisation, the oldest on Earth.

We were not taught the truth about the 234 years since colonisation. We were not taught about Aboriginal Resistance, Frontier Wars and centuries of mistreatment of Aboriginal people. Neither were we taught about the remarkable ancient culture that surrounds us all, nor the remarkable story of its survival and evolution.

Figures like Truganini, Bennelong and Jundamurra should be the cornerstones of our culture and national identity, celebrated in song, film and festival. Instead, our country has spent the last month feting a distant monarch, who was a living embodiment of the colonial system that so poorly served our First People. AFL football, a game to which Aboriginal people have given so much, has again been sorely lacking in its treatment of Aboriginal people. The inquest into Kumanji Walker’s death  has revealed entrenched racism towards Aboriginal people amongst members of the Northern Territory Police force.

This is a song about truth telling.

If the truth is going to be told, then White Australia will have to listen.

We thank the First Nations people who offered advice and feedback on this song, in particular Marlon Motlop, Richie Guymala and Black Rock Band, Michael O’Loughlin and Boe Spearim.”

But of course, with truth telling comes listening. Fresh from an 11 date tour of Arnhem Land in the NT through August, along with new mates, Jabiru’s Black Rock BandBad//Dreems did a lot of listening, and learning. The idea of a podcast featuring First Nation friends and acquaintances was hatched. These conversations form the first series of ‘Hoo Ha!’.

Bad//Dreems lead vocalist Ben Marwe explains:

“Hoo-Ha, defined broadly as a state or condition of excitement, agitation or disturbance. A fuss, a commotion, hullabaloo, furore, or helter-skelter. We witness this chaos and disorder in our daily lives. Fighting for flour in the aisles of our local supermarkets. Erratic weather taking its pick of which town to feast on. Large groups storming and blocking busy motorways, drinking beer and snorting cocaine in the middle of the day. Then of all things, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

We witness all of this as we ride roughshod over the blood-stained paddocks of this country’s history. Not the true history, but the one we were incorrectly taught in school.

So we turned to things like sport for guidance and moderation but, alas, Hoo-Ha lives in there too.

This podcast, presented and hosted by various members of Bad//Dreems, intends on fossicking through the midden, as we engage in conversations with artists, music makers, creators, media figures, sporting people and hospitality workers. Anyone. Everyone. Anywhere. Everywhere.

As the great Bob Dylan once said, “the answer my friend, is blowing in the podcast”.

Join us in the Hoo-Ha! and enjoy responsibly.”

The first two episodes of ‘Hoo Ha!’ are available now HERE. Episode 1 features Richie Guymala, frontman of Black Rock Band. Listen to his story about growing up in West Arnhem Land and the role music plays in the communities throughout the NT. Episode 2 features former Port Adelaide AFL player and now musical artist Marlon Motlop. Hear Marlon’s story about growing up in Darwin, the trials of playing professional sport as an indigenous man and his new found musical career as one half of Marlon X Rulla.

Bad//Dreems have also announced a run of shows through October and November. The Spring tour will see the band hitting metro cities including Launceston on Friday 21st October , Hobart Saturday 22nd October, Sydney Friday 28th October,  Melbourne Saturday 29th October, Adelaide Saturday 12th November and Brisbane on Friday 25th November.

Along for the ride on various shows are Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys with their dreamy Americana grooves and Northern NSW rockers Mini Skirt. Check the dates for specific shows as well as local supports.