Farmer & The Owl is a record label based and music publisher in Wollongong, Australia. Originally established with the intention to help the wealth of talent from our local area and release their music to a wider audience. The label’s first signing was Hockey Dad, a Windang based duo who released their debut EP in November 2014.

Farmer & The Owl has since grown into a full label operation, with global partner BMG coming on board in late 2019 to assist in taking our artists to an international market. We also run a publishing company called FO PAS also in partnership with BMG. Though we have developed, our intention remains the same – to assist the artists that surround us (now local & beyond) and to release their music to a wider audience.

We have also previously alongside our artists curated the Farmer & The Owl Festival that has hosted artists such as Hot Chip, Beach House, Snail Mail, Deafheaven, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Sleaford Mods, Weyes Blood, The Murlocs, Stella Donnelly & many more. The last edition was in early 2020 and we hope to make a return one day!

Farmer & The Owl is owned by Ben Tillman (Yours & Owls partner) and Jeb Taylor (Music Farmers co-owner) with FO PAS Publishing side of things also including Adam Smith (Yours & Owls partner) as a co-owner. The company is operated under the guidance of label manager Kate Marning.

Yours & Owls is a promoter of live music in the Illawarra and runs an annual festival.

Music Farmers is a retail outlet specialising in vinyl based at 228 Keira Street, Wollongong


FATO001 Hockey Dad  – Dreamin LP/CD/Digital
FATO002 The Pinheads – I Wanna Be A Girl EP/Digital
FATO003 Hockey Dad – Can’t Have Them 7″/Digital
FATO004 Totally Unicorn – Dream Life LP/CD/Digital
FATO005 Hockey Dad – So Tired 7″/Digital
FATO006 Totally Unicorn – Sometimes I Sit And Drink And Sometimes I Just Drink 7″/Digital
FATO007 Tees – Got The Feeling 7″/Digital
FATO008 Hockey Dad – Boronia LP/CD/Digital
FATO009 Bec Sandridge – In The Fog, In The Flame 7″/Digital
FATO010 Bec Sandridge – In The Fog EP/CD/Digital
FATO011 The Pinheads – The Pinheads LP/CD/Digital
FATO012 Totally Unicorn – Horse Hugger LP/Digital
FATO013 Tropical Strength – Zutti LP/Digital
FATO014 Hockey Dad – Blend Inn LP/CD/Cassette/Digital
FATO015 Tees – Flow CD/Digital
FATO016 Tumbleweed – Tumbleweed LP/Digital
FATO017 The Pinheads – Is This Real LP/CD/Cassette/Digital
FATO018 Hockey Dad – Join The Club7″/Digital
FATO019 Russell W – The Fiordman Digital
FATO020 The Pinheads – Not Like You 7″/Digital
FATO021 Totally Unicorn – Grub 7″/Digital
FATO022 Totally Unicorn – Sorry LP/CD/Cassette/Digital
FATO023 Mother & Son – Mother & Son LP/Digital
FATO024 Bad//Dreems – Doomsday Ballet LP/CD/Cassette/Digital
FATO025 Hockey Dad – Brain Candy LP/CD/Cassette/Digital
FATO026 Bad//Dreems – Badlands EP
FATO027 Hockey Dad – I Missed Out / Itch 7″/Digital
FATO028 Vundabar – Either Light LP/Digital
FATO029 Paradise Club – Paradise Club LP/Digital
FATO030 Various Artists – Farmer & The Owl’s Family Values LP/CD/Digital
FATO031 Tumbleweed – Shadowland/Rebellion 7″/Digital
FATO032 Totally Unicorn – Like 7″/Digital
FATO033 Totally Unicorn High Spirits//Low Life – LP/Digital
FATO035 Tumbleweed 30th Anniversary 7″ Box Set 
FATO036 Moaning Lisa – Something Like This But Not This LP/Cassette/Digital
FATO037 Tumbleweed – Galactaphonic (reissue) LP/Digital
FATO038 Tumbleweed – Sounds From The Other Side (reissue) LP/Digital
FATO039 The Pinheads – New Love Dawn 7″/Digital
FATO040 The Pinheads – The Mirror LP/Digital
FATO041 Charbel – Gardenia Ave LP/Cassette/Digital


These are generally digital only or one off releases not connected to any other release.

Bad//Dreems – Desert Television (Digital Only)
Hockey Dad – T’s To Cross (Digital Only)
Paradise Clube – Above Me (7”)
Paradise Club – Static Sounds (VHS & Digital)
Tropical Strength – Drone Song (Digital Only)
Tropical Strength – Little Saint Nick (Digital Only)
Tropical Strength – Stuck In The Credits (Digital Only)
Tumbleweed – Daddy Longlegs (RSD 7″ release)