Tropical Strength release new single (Not My) Cup Of Tea

Following the release of two singles in one hit ‘Introducing the Silverbeats’ and ‘Judy’ at the start of the year, Tropical Strength has today released the third single ‘(Not my) Cup of Tea’.

“The song borrows a classic British phrase and uses it to level an absurd and somewhat humorous critique of the Royal Family” Tropical Strength founder Al Foil stated. He wanted the song to contain just the right amount of “annoying” while being moving and tinged with melancholy. The lyrics eerily contain somewhat prophetic references to the Queens death, although they were penned quite some time before this occurred. The song, Foil suggests, means exactly what the listener requires it to mean.

At present, the band’s recording process is a combination of live takes recorded on reel-to-reel tape by band member Jay Bird, which are then taken back to the Webster bros studio to be embellished with their distinct production flourishes. The new material channels the spirit of ‘60s pop but blends it with contemporary production elements.

Al’s songwriting and lyricism have matured and become much more personal. Memories, confessions, and fleeting revelations are all woven together into songs. The effect is something of a warped house of mirrors, each revealing fragments of Al Foil’s inner world and the characters who live there.

Tropical Strength ‘(Not My) Cup Of Tea’ is out today via Farmer & The Owl/BMG