Charbel unveils new mixtape Gardenia Ave

Today, Woolungah/Wollongong-based artist Charbel unveils his new mixtape GARDENIA AVE. Nearly a half-decade in the making, the seven-track release encompasses the young artist’s wildest stylistic departures to date – both sonically and visually – crafting a project that spans Charbel’s myriad of musical touchstones and inspirations.

On the release, Charbel shares; ‘I was taking care of my nephew, and I’d sit down with him to watch Sesame Street and The Wiggles on TV. I was so fascinated by how he interacted with it – like, he has no understanding of what music is yet, but these songs are his first real comprehension of it. It got me thinking about how you reach a certain point, and then suddenly you’re too old for Sesame Street – like, there’s no Sesame Street for adults, right? It was such a funny and weird concept to me. Those visuals, those lessons, those songs… they all stick with you.’

‘It has been a real journey of figuring out my sound, becoming comfortable with it and feeling confident with what’s on this project. It grew into something where the main vision was centred on creating a universe. I wanted the whole thing to make people forget they were listening to an artist from Sydney – something that was a total escape.’