Mark it in your calendars folks, because today, August 21, is a good day. Why you ask?

Well, Vundabar’s fourth album, ‘Either Light’ has now been released in Australia & NZ via Farmer & The Owl. There’s not much more to say than if you search for synonyms for masterpiece, there’s just a link to listen to ‘Either Light’.

This is the fourth album from the Boston based duo, which sits at 11 tracks in length, and was produced by Patrick Hyland (Mitski). It’s a collection of intricate indie-rock tracks, which oscillate between moments of intense energy and near ferocity, and moments of quiet contemplation and reprieve.

When discussing the development of ‘Either Light’, singer, songwriter & guitarist Brandon says it “was the first record we made with a two week stretch of studio time at our disposal. Having considerably more time than we’d had for past records, we indulged ourselves in thickly layered arrangements and greater attention to detail. There’s a lot of sounds in every song and close repeated listening will reveal what’s hidden in there. What’s that a xylophone? A Theremine? Is someone eating a sandwich into the microphone? Yes yes and yes. Happy listening, enjoy ‘Either Light’.

The lead single from the record is opening track, ‘Out of It’, draws us in with its mid tempo and honeyed vocals, before delving into an energetic outro, that sets the pace for the following few tracks from the record. Brandon speaks about the meaning behind ‘Out Of It’, and describes it as a song that “is about trying to work yourself out of anxiety and negative thought patterns and about the ways our inner world can change our outer world”.

‘Either Light’ is a must listen and sees Vundabar in their finest form, yet.