The Pinheads release 'Wildfire' and announce tour

Cast aside your inhibitions, and replace them with all-out debauchery with The Pinheads and their new video for “Wildfire​”, the equally sacrilegious visual treatment that their new single deserves, out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia​. The latest offering is revealed alongside news of a tour which will see The Pinheads and fellow firebrands Drunk Mums​ torment the cities and towns of Australia this January.

Unpredictable and unabashedly weird, The Pinheads imagine a world more surreal than the one in which we exist, and bring it to their music and art. The clip, which the band insist is based on true events, shows each member lured into an ominous coffin by their personal vices, only to be transported through the vortex and into the secret satanic lair of frontman Jez Player​. Emphasising The Pinheads love for DIY - the clip utilises green screen combined with the homemade animation of guitarist Luke Player and filmmaking expertise of drummer James Kates and organist Tex Crick​. “The song is a bit of a tongue in cheek stab at love as a product. Everybody thinks it's the be all and end all and they lose sight of their passions and what's going on around them for the cheap thrill of love/ gratification of being loved” says Jez, “I think the clips a bit of a silly take on that, using people's vices as a metaphor for that or something... and being destroyed by it”

"The Pinnies" are 7 mates, who over games of cheap bowling and a shared music taste, accidentally formed a band in the latter half of 2013. Getting hold of what they call “an assortment of shitty instruments and strange recording equipment”, they set up a makeshift studio hidden deep in the swampy hinterlands of the South Coast of NSW - a move that eventually​ cultimated in their 2015 EP I Wanna Be A Girl. Whilst taking root in a fusion of influences - Punk, rockabilly, the British musical invasion of the 60s - The Pinheads aren’t a revivalist band, shock rock, nor any other thing an outsider could adequately dissect; “We’re a group of outcasts/reprobates banding together to let it all out”.

The Pinheads 2016 included a coastal tour with good mates Hockey Dad and Skegss​, a support of the UK’s Fat White Family​, and a spot on the Yours & Owls Festival​. At the end this 12 month stint they were left with four broken mics, two shattered kick drums, three soggy tents, a stinky tour van, a newfound respect for the way of the road hog, and a deepening belief in the possibility that at least one band member is in fact an alien. With the combined force of Melbourne’s Drunk Mums added to the mix, January’s tour won’t let anyone get away with polite head-nodding or niceties, as crowds are engulfed in those high energy, raucous live performances for which The Pinheads have fast gained notoriety (and several polite bans from some prominent east coast venues). As for their future plans? “Do more albums, flying cars, contact with aliens, open a bowling alley, play for some aliens, meet an alien, replace some band members with aliens, replace whole band with aliens, aliens take over the world via the the pinheads.” For now? It’s Wildfire!

Thursday, January 12 - Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
Friday, January 13 - The Cambridge Hotel Warehouse, Newcastle NSW
Saturday, January 14 - The Chippendale Hotel, Sydney NSW
Sunday, January 15th - Rad Bar(All Ages), Wollongong NSW (all ages)
Friday, January 20 - Howler, Melbourne VIC
Friday, January 27 - The Eastern, Ballarat VIC
Saturday, January 28 - Crown & Anchor Hotel, Adelaide SA