The Pinheads release new single 'Fight or Flight'

“Explosive riffs and crazed screams, The Pinheads are a pretty wild bunch.”
The Music

“a terror-packed cocktail of psychedelic rock'n'roll”

The Pinheads continue to prove that normality is overrated in new track “Fight or Flight”, a 60s infused punk anthem about being constantly fed with lies from evil lizard overlords in parliament until the point your brain becomes completely fried. “Fight or Flight” joins earlier single “Wildfire” as ‘The Pinnies’ latest high-energy sound injection, and is accompanied by a video which shows them at the peak of their eccentricity.

The video exists as a “quaint ode to aeroplanes', with a subplot primarily concerned with the main characters attempting to murder a harmless vampire. Remaining true to their DIY ethos, the clip was created by the band, expressing their ability to imagine a world more surreal than the one in which we exist and bring it to their music and art.

The Pinheads are 7 mates, who over games of cheap bowling and a shared music taste, accidentally formed a band in the latter half of 2013. Getting hold of what they call “an assortment of shitty instruments and strange recording equipment”, they set up a makeshift studio in a corrugated iron shed hidden deep in the swampy hinterlands of the South Coast of NSW -- a move that eventually culminated in their 2015 EP, I Wanna Be A Girl. Whilst taking root in a fusion of influences - Punk, rockabilly, the British musical invasion of the 60s - The Pinheads aren’t a revivalist band, shock rock, nor any other thing an outsider could adequately dissect; “We’re a group of outcasts/reprobates banding together to let it all out”.

The past year has seen The Pinheads grow notorious for their unpredictable, raucous live performances, including selling out shows in Sydney and Newcastle on a joint headline tour with Drunk Mums, a support of the UK’s Fat White Family, and a spot on the Yours & Owls Festival. In 2017 the band gear up for the release of their debut album, details are yet to be announced.