Totally Unicorn

Sydney’s wildest quartet Totally Unicorn have recently released their heavily awaited sophomore album, Sorry.

In two short years since the 2016 release of their debut, Dream Life, a lot has changed for Totally Unicorn - they haven't stopped bringing the good times, but now they’re getting real about what lies beneath the party. Vocalist Drew Gardner likens himself to the sad clown - and he’s going through some heavy times. Gone are the layers of metaphor, revealing a man dealing openly and unflinchingly with the pitfalls of life with his scars on full display.

Stylistically, Sorry springs from the band’s origins as party monsters and riff lords, but this time the music is decidedly deeper with less focus on stage antics and more playing to their strengths as musicians. Adopting a back-to-basics approach to songwriting, some songs feature a slow-burning, almost bluesy dirge unlike anything Totally Unicorn have ever attempted.

Rumours have been bubbling since Totally Unicorn mentioned recording at Ghostnote Recording Studios back in August 2018, and we were given a (rather sour) taste of the new direction Totally Unicorn is taking with the release of their 'Grub' single late last year. 

Longtime fans know that the best way to enjoy Totally Unicorn is live - if Drew didn't drip sweat on you whilst delivering the most passionate performance you've ever seen, did you really go to a Totally Unicorn show?