TEES are a 2-piece dreamy house-pop outfit. They are nostalgically reminiscent of an early 90s acid soaked dancehall if it were floating on a bed of clouds.

One of the first times Tees met, was at Lizzy’s house in Redfern. She demanded Sean was to drink a specially prepared cup of tea she had prepared, and it was only under this condition that he was aloud to enter. Unbeknownst to them that this was the beginning of a beautiful and creative relationship.

The next time they met, the pair again found themselves in a similar subconscious state of wonderland and it was here that the first whispers of tees begun to grow.

Sean had already begun writing music with a female vocalist in mind, but till this point had little luck in a musical matrimony. He remembered Lizzy. Sure, she was in a band at the time, but under the guise of a supporting friend, he went to one of their shows with the secret intention of poaching her.

Lizzy agreed to record.

After a few weeks of constant date changes and cancellations they finally got together. Neither of them knew what to expect. Lizzy had a cold and was losing her voice. But, because of their flaking plans she was determined to record that day. Sean was impressed and knew this was the beginning of something special.

The cold is reflected in her dreamy meandering vocals of ‘playground’ (The Band’s first single). Their mutual love for creating harmonising melodies alongside pulsating belereac beats was forged that afternoon and so to was their weekly ritual or recording alongside a bowl of Thai and a constant supply of peppermint tea with lemon.

From their platonic love, the pair has continued to forge their own path of music that reminds all who listen of a time and a sound that cannot so easily be defined.