Totally Unicorn Release New Single 'Yeah, Coach'

Faster than you can say ICAC, Totally Unicorn are out the gate with another heaving single, Yeah, Coach.  

Drenched with aggro intensity and met with just the right amount of party stamina, the track is a direct hit for the moshpit, perfect for the kind of raucous live shows that Totally Unicorn are renowned for... let's hope that can happen in the near future for the locked-down Sydney punk quartet.

On the track vocalist, Drew Gardiner says "This song is about the social pressures that come with getting older: financial security, starting a family, making sensible decisions but at the same time being content with where things are at present. Who knows, things may change tomorrow but right now I don’t want to hear it."

The single is accompanied by a sinister video directed by TU guitarist, Aaron Streatfield, and shot in the backstreets of Marrickville by Rhys Bennett.
On the video, Streatfeild says "The clip is a metaphor for that duality Drew talks about in his lyrics, the war between the sensible and hedonistic sides of oneself. I found it pretty relative as I was facing a crossroad in my life at the time. It was rough and I spent many hours alone thinking about what I was doing with my life. So naturally, a lot of that bled into the clip’s narrative.
The locations in the video are places I would pass while doing a lot of my soul searching. It’s also the place I’ve called home for the past 9 years, so it holds a special place in my heart."
Yeah, Coach is out today on Farmer & The Owl/BMG and is available on all streaming platforms here.