Moaning Lisa unveil new cut 'Too Many' + video clip, taken from upcoming debut album

Today Moaning Lisa unveil ‘Too Many’, the final single and video clip to drop from their much anticipated debut album ‘Something Like This But Not This’, set for release on October 8.

The hard hitting, yet dreamily instropective track follows on from the three previous singles from the record, ‘Something’, ‘Inadequacy’, and ‘Cold Water’. Existing in the same dynamic realm as these other tracks, ‘Too Many’ showcases Moaning Lisa’s ability to tenderly cut to the core of a listener, whilst bolstering their trademark larger-than-life, brooding, fuzzed out guitar sound.

Charlie (singer/guitarist) says of the making of the track, that “I just started playing this random finger-picking thing on an acoustic guitar, and just sang what came out of me. I showed Hayley, and she started singing harmonies over the top. I sent it to our manager, who has a really good ear. He was like, “This is fabulous, but make it punk!” I was like, “Okay, let's do that.”

Hayley comments, “It was a very easy one to work with. If a song can work stripped back as well as it does with all the bells and whistles, then we know it's good.”

‘Too Many’ voices the experiences and emotions of being a working musician, and the overwhelm that can come alongside this path. This is echoed in the accompanying nostalgia-inducing video clip, which is a collation of footage the band have captured over their years making music & playing shows together, and was edited by lead guitarist Ellen.

Speaking of the clip, Ellen says “we were inspired to capture the sentiment of the song. We’re very lucky to do what we love; to play music and interact with all sorts of people on tour, but it isn’t the glamorous lifestyle that people make out to be. It’s equal parts exhilarating to tour and be on stage and meet new people as it is to the emotional whiplash that we get when we return home to everyday living...and things just feel not quite right.... in essence the video is a reminder to us to not give up because the positive always outweighs the negative!”

The band recorded their debut album Something Like This But Not This at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney with Ben Moore, and Calum Newton's home studio in Melbourne. On announcing the record they said: “It’s our first album and so we wanted to capture who we are and who we have been as a band throughout this first part of our existence. The original thought behind the tracklist was to capture the dynamics and flow of our live set. We wanted to replicate the energy we have when we play on stage together but also experiment and do things we can only achieve with the luxury of recording in a studio.”

The band has also rescheduled their ‘Something Like This But Not This’ album tour, dates moving from October this year into early 2022. The tour kicks off in Sydney at the Landsdowne on February 19, continuing around the country, hitting all capital cities and select regional towns throughout February and March 2022. For fans it’s the perfect opportunity to see Moaning Lisa celebrate their album release in iconic venues across Australia, making this the band's biggest headline tour yet!