Moaning Lisa release compelling new single 'Something' + Video out now

Moaning Lisa have today released their latest single ‘Something’. Premiered on triple j’s ‘Good Nights’ ‘Something’ is a bold and beaming homage to the people that help you recover and grow after a heartbreak. Led by Charlie’s iconic electric vocals and accompanied by fast-paced and hard-edged punk riffs, the track is one of the band’s most impulsive releases yet. 

[Something] was really fun and spontaneous to write, and I think we wanted everything that was happening in the song to reflect that. We went through some really tough experiences as a band in the past couple of years, and so this song really feels like us learning to back ourselves again
Moaning Lisa writes.

Recorded with Ben Moore at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney and mixed by Matthew Neighbour in LA, road-tested in their live shows and featuring samples made at their home in Melbourne, ‘Something’ has had many different lives. The band explains “It’s a weird combination of staying true to our roots by working at our favourite studio and with people we love and trust, but also incorporating all these new sounds”. It is this combination of the old and the new, channeling 00’s post-punk and morphing it with the band's signature DIY grunge rock that makes this track one of the band’s most impressive and arresting releases to date.

In addition to the single, Moaning Lisa have also released the official video for ‘Something’. Set in an industrial underpass in Melbourne, this one-take video features lead singer and guitarist Charlie running from the unknown. Longtime collaborator William He directed ‘Something’ with the intention of encapsulating the eeriness and stillness of Melbourne fresh out of lockdown. Incorporating the sinister undertones of the song was a first for Moaning Lisa who says “our long time videographer Will (who's also responsible for our 'Lily' and 'Good' clips) found this amazing industrial underpass. Once we saw the location it made us think of It Follows, a horror movie that we've always loved. I think we were really trying to pull out and maximise the scary qualities of the song which is something we haven't ever done before.” 

The single follows the exciting announcement of the band’s recent signing to Farmer & The Owl/BMG as well as a run of tour dates which are now to be revealed as being in celebration of their latest single.