Moaning Lisa announce national album tour + Share new song 'Cold Water'

Off the back of revealing details of their forthcoming debut album Something Like This But Not This, Moaning Lisa today announce they will be hitting the road for a national tour. The ‘Something Like This But Not This’ album tour hits all mainland capital cities and select regional towns throughout February & March 2022. For fans it’s the perfect opportunity to see Moaning Lisa celebrate their album release in iconic venues across the country, making this the band's biggest headline tour yet!

And the good news doesn’t stop there! Moaning Lisa have shared another cut from their debut record with the arrival of album opener ‘Cold Water’. Centered around three simple chords and propelled by intense dynamic shifts, a hard-hitting riff and Moaning Lisa’s signature rich harmonies and duelling vocals, it really is the ultimate Moaning Lisa song, all distilled into three and half minutes.

Charlie Versegi (singer/guitarist) commented “Lyrically, Cold Water is about how it feels to be the target of another person’s saviour complex. Navigating relationships whilst struggling with a relatively high-functioning mental illness is exhausting and burdensome - you can easily fall into the trap of trying to assuage the people who worry about you. Saying that something is as simple as a glass of cold water is all you need to feel better encapsulates this complicated issue. We were channeling a bit of Mitski, Adalita, and Sleater-Kinney when we wrote this, but mostly we were channeling ourselves.”

Moaning Lisa’s debut album ‘Something Like This But Not This’ will be released on October 8. The twelve-track record features the band’s most recent offerings - ‘Something’ the first single released off the album featuring the band's trademark brooding, fuzzed out guitar sound. ‘Inadequacy’, the band’s current single, just last week had its video accompaniment released featuring two wrestlers going hard at it and the band “getting in their heads”. It’s the perfect visual for the song with it’s intensity and suspense. 

Moaning Lisa recorded Something Like This But Not This at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney with Ben Moore as well as Calum Newton's home studio in Melbourne. On the album’s announcement the band said: “It’s our first album and so we wanted to capture who we are and who we have been as a band throughout this first part of our existence. The original thought behind the tracklist was to capture the dynamics and flow of our live set. We wanted to replicate the energy we have when we play on stage together but also experiment and do things we can only achieve with the luxury of recording in a studio.”

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