Introducing Tropical Strength

Tropical Strength are an experimental duo from the Coal Coast of NSW. Founding members, brothers Al Foil and Sir Dinsington, create a peculiar brand of art-damaged pop music that is eerily familiar but sounds like nothing else. Each song is a passage into the psyche and day-to-day visions of chief songwriter, Al Foil and encapsulates the nostalgia of childhood memories and surreal happenings. With influences ranging from nursery rhymes and Ozploitation cinema to the novels of Steven King, ‘the duo leads listeners on a whimsical journey through a warped Australian landscape. 'The Strength' utilises a sonic palate which is inspired by the sounds of baroque psychedelia. Fuelled by caffeine and anxiety, Tropical Strength are a breath of fresh air in the contemporary Australian music scene.

The band has just debuted their first taste of their upcoming album. Watch 'Sixtle', the bands 50 second introductory single below.