Hockey Dad come bursting through the gates with new single 'I Missed Out'

Full of raw energy, loveable irreverence and dynamite tunes, all of which have now become synonymous with the unmistakeable, sun-drenched pop of Hockey Dad. The childhood mates formed in their hometown of Windang in NSW, have taken their raucous shows and jangly fuzz-pop songs all around the globe. Hockey Dad are now informed with a worldly experience that only comes with the far-reaching travel of a seasoned touring band.

Today, the duo come bursting through the gates with new offering “I Missed Out”. Produced by John Goodsmanson (Blend Inn) “I Missed Out” is full of frenetic energy and possess a manic guitar line. This jam is bound to hurtle them into the international spotlight yet again.

“I Missed Out” is the first sweet taste of the bands up and coming new material that finds them in a decidedly more reflective place. Taking snapshots of places and experiences from the last few years and filtering them through their particular process.

Fleming states: “A big theme on this record and song is the passing of time and how we deal with it. This song gives a nod to the people who spent their time the wrong way and have only realised now.”

Stephenson adds: “’Blend Inn’ dealt with problems in a less mature way through fighting and complaining. I think getting older, I have come to see these situations as learning experiences - using these songs to understand my surroundings and lessons I’ve been given.”

The official music video is also out today. Fleming shares – “I’ve always appreciated warped and tweaked music videos growing up and was super keen to give it a go. With this single being darker, fast paced and somewhat ominous, it all seemed to fall into place very quickly. We took it upon ourselves to film nearby home with our mate Tom, focussing on up-close and personal shots with weird positioning. We then took the footage to our mate Greg to help give the clip a more tweaked look. Turned out to be super fun. Greg’s analogue tweaks are real unique and I was buzzing on that. It was like the unintentional and accidental moments within glitches were our favourite ones.”