Hockey Dad announce special album release day event, "Alive At The Drive-In"


Hockey Dad have broken out of lock-down and are returning to the stage in a way that is unlike anything that has ever been done before. Despite gig and concert restrictions, there is no stopping the duo who have found a way to put on a Hockey Dad once in life-time event. “Alive At The Drive-In” will be a zombie apocalypse style event that will take place on Friday July 31 at Bulli Showground in bloody Wollongong, for one night only. 

After escaping a top secret Windang laboratory, fans have a rare chance to join these morbid mutants as they launch their brand new album BRAIN CANDY in gory glory live in full for the first time including their terrifying hits ‘I Missed Out’, ‘Itch’ and ‘In This State’.

No need to be afraid, fans will experience the event in a similar vein to a drive-in movie theatre and watch from the comfort and safety of their own car with audio blasted via FM radio broadcast. The initiative will be in full compliance with the state’s public health act and the only exception of leaving a car, is for toilet breaks. All ticketing will be done by ghosts at the venue, not really, but tickets will remain completely contactless. 

Horrifyingly, very limited tickets will be available and 400 x car spots are able to enter this morbidly insane event, so get in quick. Tickets can be purchased here and doors will be open from 6PM to those who dare to enter. 

Hockey Dad are ecstatic about being able to play their new album live to their fans on release day and share: “It’s super exciting to be able to play a show again. The drive-in aspect will make it such a new experience for everybody. The fact we can bring back live music in this way is so cool. It’s a mixture of old school entertainment crossed with a weird futuristic apocalypse vibe.”  

Tickets will include a Hockey Dad “Alive At The Drive-In” exclusive poster with artwork by Reid McManus and a ghoulish goodie bag chocked full of exclusive Hockey Dad treats.

Supporting Hockey Dad will be Wollongong band, The Pinheads. Known for their chaotic, energetic, and unforgettable live performances, The Pinheads have played to audiences in the UK, EU as well as the US, and packed out shows across Australia. The five, sometimes six piece, released their second LP ‘Is This Real’ mid last year, and have been back in their home studio, titled ‘The Shed’, working on their next body of work. “Alive at the drive-in” will also hold additional surprises that are not yet announced and will need to be seen to be believed. 

Featuring on the big screen at the event will be the epic surf doco Rage 3 in all its guts and glory. Rage 3 was filmed over a year through Australia and Indonesia, we stacked up 6TB of clips and boiled all the hammers down into this film. 

Hockey Dad injects a blend of raw energy and loveable irreverence into their dynamic, sun-drenched pop. The band recently released their energetic new single 'In This State' listen here. Their upcoming album Brain Candy, will be released on July 31 via BMG. The album is produced by John Goodmanson (Death Cab, Sleater-Kinney, Wolf Parade).