Tropical Strength

Tropical Strength are an experimental duo from the Coal Coast of NSW. Foundingmembers and brothers Al Foil and Sir Dinsington create a peculiar brand of artdamaged pop music that is eerily familiar but sounds like nothing else. Each song is amagical mystery tour into the psyche of chief songwriter Al Foil and his day to dayvisions, childhood memories and surreal happenings.Imagine John Lennon’s farts caught in a jar and taught how to sing out of tune..With influences ranging from the novels of Stephen King and childhood nursery rhymesto the family cat; Zutti, ‘The Strength’ lead listeners on a whimsical trip through awarped baroque landscape with a distinctive Australian flavour.Sonically, Tropical Strength echo sounds of 60’s psychedelia, yet brewed in an entirelyunique fashion and steeped in contemporary flavour..