These New South Whales

These New South Whales are a self-proclaimed “buzz band” from Sydney, Australia. They bring a fresh brand of power and songwriting to post-punk. Like most bands they draw on influences from many genres including punk, garage, metal, new wave and goth but unlike most bands they have managed to embrace and enhance these influences together to merge a fresh new brand of punk. It wasn’t long until the band earned a reputation on the Sydney underground punk scene as a raucous, unpredictable and exhilarating beast.

Live, These New South Whales are taking audiences to new depths. Donning nipple tape, an obscene amount of strobe lights, smoke machines and twisted vocal FX pedals, These New South Whales create sonic hell-scapes with deeply pitch bent vocals, jarring loops and screaming, heavy guitars. Effortlessly, they manage to engage and break down barriers by confusing, scarring/scaring (take your pick), surprising and most importantly entertaining their ever-growing fan base.

The last couple of years has seen the band go from strength to strength, releasing Season One of These New South Whales, their very own cult hit mockumentary comedy series and subsequent specials ‘ The Life We Chose ’ and ‘How The Sausage Was Made’. The show hilariously parodies and comments (a little too accurately) on touring life, being in a band and the music industry by and large. The series includes scenes backstage at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and Big Sound featuring cameos from CHVRCHES, METZ, DMA’s, Kirin J Callinan and more.