Somewhere between the lo-fi bedroom pop of Alex G and the classic 90s sound of Pavement lie Melbourne four-piece RAT!hammock, Unassuming but delightfully weird, RAT!hammock mine much- traversed indie rock terrain, but prove that there are still many diamonds to be found in the rough.

Comprised of guitarist & vocalist Jackson Phelan, bass player Michael Cooper, Tom Dowling on guitar and Jack Nicholson on drums, the band first formed in early-2017 and have been slowly honing their sound since then.

What they’ve achieved in a year, though, is impressive, with the band quickly carving their name into Melbourne’s notoriously tough-to-crack music scene. The band’s irresistible single ‘Love You Til I Die’, released in September 2017 and taken from their debut EP Pam, landed plays on triple j, Triple R and PBS FM. The track even caught Unearthed music director Dave Ruby Howe by surprise, writing “I’m sorry if you were unprepared for a band called RAT!hammock to make music as fine as this,” in his four-and-a-half star review.

Fittingly, RAT!hammock’s Pam launch at The Gasometer Upstairs was a sell-out. Despite being a relatively new band, RAT!hammock’s live reputation already precedes them, having played with stalwarts of Melbourne’s live circuit like Tiny Little Houses, Jarrow and The Cactus Channel.