The members of Foxing will be the first to tell you that 2015 was a strange year for them. It started off normal enough: The rising quintet from St. Louis, Missouri began the year with plans to write their follow up to 2013’s much loved debut The Albatross ( Triple Crown Records), which bears much in common with inventive post-rock groups like Sigur Rós and Explosions In The Sky while still retaining an exciting, emotional edge.

It was at that point when things started to get murky. “I read a really scathing review of our album that was very, very cutting,” begins bassist Josh Coll, one half of Foxing’s songwriting team alongside vocalist Conor Murphy. “The thing about that review was it spoke to me because everything that person was saying about our band were the things that I thought when I was feeling really low, in a moment of weakness or depression. It sent me spiraling. I had this idea on tour, like, ‘Why don’t we get away? Not have any cellphones or internet.’”

The band made plans to decamp to a secluded cabin in northern Vermont in February to write what would become Dealer, initially worried the sessions would result in failure. “We had just gotten done with the longest stretch of touring we had ever done, and tensions were very high,” Coll explains. “None of us have spent that long together in one particular place,” Murphy elaborates. “On tour, you can get away. With this, we’re all in the same house all the time. It made us all grow a lot closer to each other in a lot of ways.”