Banoffee is the project of Australian born songwriter Martha Brown. Establishing herself originally in Melbourne, Banoffee has been self-producing her own brand of experimental electronica since 2013. With the release of last EP 'Do I Make You Nervous?' in late 2015, a change was necessary and the West Coast of America beckoned.

LA has offered up a fresh creative start for Martha without preconceptions, a space filled with new collaborators, an opportunity to flex muscles Banoffee didn't even know were there. Originally, Banoffee’s sound was inspired by the sparse minimalism of Arthur Russell, melded with the straight-talking of Laurie Anderson and the sass of Destiny's Child.

Ever since the Soundcloud success of first single 'Ninja', her audience have been fixated on this idea of Banoffee as a female producer, putting gender before talent, which curtailed her ability to progress in the areas that mattered – her exploration of textures, and figuring out what she wanted to make songs feel like. Being able to unpack production goals here has opened up her palette, moving away from this pressure to chase a particular genre or catch some trendy wave.

The other massive gear shift has been in psyche. Where previous EPs were written as tools to deal with anxiety, the new material is intended to be far less introspective. It's the first batch of work that looks outside of self. The songs remain dark, but instead of wallowing in dread, they seek to inspire happiness.